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About Japanese tax systems

English explanations of Japanese taxes


Withholding tax (Gensen Choshu)

Explaining withholding tax for an employer and how it may affect you and your employees.


Corporation tax (Houjinzei)

A guide explaining the corporate tax, the effective rates, and how it is applied in Japan.


Japan’s National tax (Kokuzei)

A guide answering your questions on National taxes and delinquent tax payments.


Lump sum pension payment (Nenkin)

Guide to the japanese lump sum pension payment system.

Pension system (Nenkin Seido)

Japanese pension information, “How much do I need to pay?”


Exit tax (Kokugai Tenshutsuji Kazei Seido)

How Japan’s exit tax may affect you and your business.


Furusato Nozei program

Japan has very unique local “home tax” system.

It’s aim is to help rural economies, education, or medical care.


Japan year-end tax filing (Kakutei Shinkoku)

Information on filing your year end taxes in Japan.


Consumption tax (Shouhizei)

An explanation on what you need to know about consumption tax.


Capital gains tax (Jouto Shotoku)

Find out what tax you may be responsible for if you’re selling a property or business assets in Japan.


Inheritance tax and Gift tax (Souzokuzei , Zouyozei)

Understand your rights and how to deal with taxes from the result of inheritance or a gifts that have been passed down to you.


Residency for Tax purposes (Nouzeigimukoku)

How does your residency status and recent changes affect your rate of tax in Japan?


Individual income tax (Kojin Shotokuzei)

Defining your individual income tax and whether you owe back taxes or are eligible for a tax refund in Japan.


Employment income deduction (Shotoku Koujo)

A review regarding deduction in an employee’s pay-check due to government taxes and other purposes.


Tax systems that you should know when doing business or working in Japan.


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